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Roxanne Partridge, PhD, CHt

Roxanne is BRAVE. Her bravery inspires me.
–Kimberly Howell, Body Image Visionary

hey, i’m roxanne–

a jungian depth psychologist, relational sexuality practitioner & menstruality advocate dedicated to guiding you towards your unqiue empowered embodiment from the depths up & out.

Are there stories in your family about something you did or said as a kid that are like perfect snapshots of your character, or foretell the journey of the spark of your spirit, or the depths of your soul?

For instance, my four-year-old self had this saying.

After quietly and carefully observing a situation, or sometimes with the quickness of instinct, she would matter-of-factly say, “I can’t want that.”

What I can remember about those moments is not the words coming out of my mouth, or the situations or choices before me, but the feeling. Young kids might have their appreciation of the word “no,” but this “I can’t want that” is a little bit different. Little me wasn’t making a choice between eating and playing, she was standing up for her right not to perform to the expectations and desires of those around her. This was the feeling.

Deep down in my little soul-body, I was discerning the world, and articulating my truth with my voice all at once. As I got older, “I can’t want that” expanded as a source of inner strength as I navigated bigger and more challenging expectations of what my life should look like, how I should behave, what choices I should or should not make, what I should and should not desire. I would not be boxed in by approaches to life readily around me. I couldn’t – if I did, my soul would go into hiding. My spirit would loose its wings. My body would grow numb. My mind would run in circles. There had to be more. There had to be other ways.

I learned quickly that sustaining that vision and voice isn’t easy. I’ve struggled with it, and so have countless women and girls of all ages, who have sat down and talked with me on park benches, in waiting rooms, coffee shops, airplanes, late night phone calls, therapeutic sessions, workshops, conferences, and dreams. Each one, in their own unique way, expressing the deep complexities of what it’s like to go through this world in which the soulful desires of who we call female or woman are treaded upon.

I have always felt deeply motivated to be of service to these stories of struggle. In support of this calling is the wisdom of my four-year-old self: discover what makes you deeply alive.

This is why I’ve weaved together all the teachings of my own life journey and education to create embodyperiod. – a space for women and menstruators to heal the wounds of the struggle to be themselves in the world, and to embody what they can want. Period.

What follows on this path is transformation, empowerment, and a sustainable orientation to life, rooted in the full complex beauty of who you are.

What’s with the focus on menstruation and sex?

I’ll answer the question like this:

Embody is a verb, an action, an on-going living practice of radical attention to the relationship between body and soul. Sex and menstruation are housed in our source of life energy that nourishes body, mind, spirit, and soul. Sexuality and menstruation are also heavily tabooed subjects which have received negative and constricting demands and judgments for generations. This makes menstrual and sexual experience rich thresholds for insight into your unique relationship to societal and cultural expectations of femaleness and womanhood. Therefore, sex and menstruation are powerful thresholds of self-discovery of your unique personhood. At the root you embody—period—and from here your authentic self rises and outs itself to the world.

I’m here to guide you through the journey.

get clear now on where you’re at, what empowered embodiment looks like for you, and how you can sustain your authentic self in your daily life.schedule your free consultation here:

dr. roxanne partridge, cht is known for inspiring and guiding others into embodying their unique, sustainable, fullness

Women, menstruators, and individuals seeking a safe, healing, and inclusive space to explore menstruality, sexuality, and embodied identity, are empowered through Roxanne’s in-depth and creative approach.

The heart, soul, vision, and flesh of Roxanne’s work for the past nine years has been dedicated towards the deepening and expanding of embodied experiences of the self, through thresholds of sexuality and menstruality. In her practice, as well as in her writing and speaking engagements, she is an advocate for equal rights to imagination for all things related to the image of what is female. As a healer-scholar-activst, Roxanne has lectured and facilitated workshops at conferences for the Society of Menstrual Cycle Research, Seeing Red, Jungian Society of Scholarly Studies, International Association for Jungian Psychology, and the International Association for Analytical Psychology.

Roxanne received her PhD in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, California. Informed by Jungian, liberational, archetypal, and eco-psychological theory and practices, Depth Psychology is inherently holistic. Depth Psychology attends to the nuances of experience in the context of daily life, cultural and familial backgrounds, and manifestations of the unconscious, such as dreams. Importantly, this paradigm sees troublesome emotional and behavioral symptoms, suffering, and questions of identity as invitations into a deeper and wider understanding of personal purpose, potential, healing, and transformation. Roxanne received her Clinical Hypnotherapy certification from the Santa Barbara Institute of Hypnotherapy, and trained with revolutionary sex therapist Gina Odgen in her medicine wheel method of relational sexuality.

Roxanne’s background in holistic therapies and the arts forms a creative container for deep and catalytic work.


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