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Re-membering Womb Restorative Hypnotherapy

A 30 minute restorative hypnotherapy session to take with you anywhere.

To re-member womb is both to recall our awareness of this body-soul place of power, as well as to re-member our "womb part" as integral to our embodied wholeness.

Wherever you may be in your life cycle and in relationship to womb, and womb space, this restorative recording invokes a deep sense of warmth, and unified authentic autonomy throughout.


4 Steps to Invoking & EmbodyingThe Dreamworld

A homeplay worksheet into an embodied method of into inviting and tending to the images that come in the night. I recommend this for anybody who is curious about approaching dreams beyond the knowings of the conscious mind.

An embodied image is an interface between self and other. ­–­Robert Bosnak

Informed by the teachings of C. G. Jung, this experiential dreamwork gives you entry into the creative healing potential of the others within -bodying you forth through the waking world.


Moon Cycle Chart

Moon, month, measure (time), menstruation. All these words are etymologically related. So whether you believe that women once menstruated with the dark new Moon, or are curious as to how your nuanced, inner ebbs and flows dance with with each lunation, this Moon Cycle Chart is a wonderful way to see how the micro and the macro are talking to each other.

>>> Wanna go deeper? Hone the life skill of body literacy (aka fertility awareness) with these two essential charting books:

Taking Charge of Your Fertility

Justisse Method

>>> Add a digital component to your charting practice. Charting apps, or period trackers, allow you to note cycle events throughout the day, wherever you are. When you're weeding through all the options out there, choose an app that is supported by actual fertility awareness educators. I like Kindara.

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