from nymphs to dragonflies • daughters & mothers rising together

Hear the call to gather and rise together!

This 3-part workshop is intended for girls (ages 11 & 12 more or less) and their mothers to learn, explore, empower, and celebrate the rite of passage through pubescent mind-body-soul change.

If you're a mom who believes in the power of women coming together, and the importance of your daughter experiencing inclusive, holistic, fun, and embodied wisdom, AND want to empower your mother-daughter bond through the changes of puberty and the years to come, this workshop is for you!

As a Jungian and archetypal depth psychologist, menstruality advocate, relational sexuality practitioner, and intersectional feminist, I blend education with inclusive ritual, storytelling and crafting, empowerment with movement and heartfelt bonding. I'm your guide through this journey and rite of passage for you and your daughter, and together we create this experience.

As you know, the topic of living in this world through the female anatomy is rich and deep! I've designed our 3 meetings to cover essential and powerful knowledge and group experience. Here's some of what we'll cover:

  • Befriending our bodies and our mother-daughter relationships through the medicine wheel of embodied experience
  • Period Positive Body Literacy: Playful learning about our bodies, vulvas, the 5th vital sign of menstruation, our Moon-Body Cycles of Power, and tools for how to read and navigate our embodied changes
  • Mother-line Storytelling Council
  • Shakti Chocolate Dance Meditation
  • Girl Craft Time and Mom Gather time (gifts and closing group ceremony plans dreamed up here!)
  • Menstrual Product Play Table and Demo
  • Walking the medicine wheel of embodied experience home. Moms and daughters pair-up and co-create ways of using the wheel to navigate forward together
  • The Anonymous Bag of Questions (ask anything and it shall be answered!). Download a free sample of answers to Qs here!
  • Sacred Moon-Body Closing Ceremony

Ready to gather and rise together? This workshop is by your request! So gather up a group of your favorite mamas and girls. Group size can range from 4 to 10 pairs. Reach out to me via email here to begin the journey of celebrating and empowering the sacred bond between mothers and daughters –now, and for generations to come.

xo Roxanne


Closing photo of Nymphs & Dragonflies this past spring, at Iris Yoga Studio in Accord, NY

"The cultivation of an amazingly powerful, diverse female centered space... Roxanne and all the other mamas together created an experience that I felt was sacred and celebrated being in a woman's body and embraced our moon cycles, in particular, with reverence and curiosity." - Mom (aka Dragonfly) participant