past & possible workshops

EMERGENCE • surfacing from wounds of sexual trauma

I've never been so deeply worked on so many levels before. I was afraid to come here, and now I don't want to imagine what life would have been like if I hadn't. I've been reunited with what I lost so long ago... this is soul retrieval with play, beauty, art, story. I can know joy again. Thank you.
– Workshop participant

Be guided up and out from the depths.

This workshop series is a way through. A way to the surface. A way of emergence.

Here is healing your sexual story, expanding the vision of your empowered embodied legacy, and renewing your sensual experience.

Root and emerge into your body-soul calling.

In each segment of this series, you'll undergo a phase of the alchemical process of transformation

where the dark material of your soul-story is reconfigured into embodied gold.

Ritual, art making, deep listening, meditation, movement, sharing, group wisdom council,

& the soul-centered principles of Jungian depth psychology are our tools across the thresholds of the journey of empowered healing.

• Phase One is of welcoming and unfurling the dark matter of your sexual story, in the safe and sacred space of our intimate gathering of women. Gathered around a the medicine wheel of empowered embodiment, you commence your intentions for what shall be moved beyond, and what you shall claim and expand for emergent self.

• Phase Two conjures reflection. Through medicine wheel ritual and reflective art making, images of the self are looked at, mirrored, moved. Here, the dark matter goes through a process of what the ancient alchemists called a "whitening" as the soulwork of transformation gains heat.

• Phase Three sighs in the process of letting go. Where the old story shifts, where what you once longed for is re-membered, flesh and soul. Where you become, and move into the waters of always becoming in the dancing body of your authentic sexual being.

• Phase Four you are dancing in the consciousness of your newly empowered and embodied story. Ritual and ceremony mark and initiate your surfacing, your emergence into the full complex beauty of your authentic sexual self. This phase, said the alchemists, is the "reddening" – your face flushed with aliveness!

• And onwards . . . receive follow up support from Dr. Roxanne Partridge and your EMERGENCE workshop group!

women's retreat

So much value and gratitude in being able to rediscover my voice both internally and in the larger space of the universe!
– Workshop Participant
Once we are in the flow of our life's river, we will expeirence synchronicity.
Outer and inner become much the same.
– Marion Woodman

My sister in soul, colleague, and healing cowgirl Dr. Ashley Thompson and I have a very special sacred offering.

Both Ashley and I come from a Depth Psychology background. From the perspective of Depth Psychology, everything is fluid and it is in the depths of the unknown that we must search for meaning. Our vocational passions and unique approaches to healing have been braided together for this day of restorative ritual and soul tending for women.

awaken your embodied connection to your inner river of life. integrate your intuitive knowing. move into your empowered flow.

Here's what you'll experience

  • Opening Intention Circle begins the day
  • Guided Meditation by the lake
  • Equine Healing Trail Ride
  • Honoring the God/ddesses of Body and Pleasure with Wine & Cheese
  • Sacred Body Medicine Wheel Ritual
  • Vegetarian Supper Spread
  • Wisdom Fire Council
  • Yoga in the pasture under the Moon
  • From the Sacred Vessel Out into the World • Follow Up & Community

blood ink • (re)writing your body story


Menstrual art by Beauty in Blood

Censor the body and you censor breath and speech at the same time. Write yourself. Your body must be heard.
–Hélène Cixious

What if flesh and bone could talk? What stories would your body scrawl in blood ink? As periods go public, and menstrual taboos lose their oppressive power, the time is ripe to rise up into your unique empowered menstrual embodiment.

Join depth psychologist, menstrual advocate, and relational sexuality practitioner Roxanne Partridge, PhD, CHt (me) around the medicine wheel of embodied experience. With ritual, storytelling, art-making, and movement you'll be guided through a body-heart-mind-spirt practice of writing your full-blooded body narrative. Open to all menstruators.


this event is a part of rally in the valley, in support of upper hudson planned parenthood.