Sexuality, Menstruation, & Embodiment on 'Well + Weird' Podcast with Dr. Roxanne Partridge

Back in July, Holly Lowery and I had a chat over the cyberwaves of her delectable podcast Well + Weird (link below). Holly is a health coach and anti-diet (love this word!) advocate who works with fierce women and their relationship to food and their bodies. What inspired my immediate YES to Holly's invitation to talk about all things embodyperiod. is her playful strength, intuitive approach to eating, and heartfelt mind-body-spirit guidance to rewriting your body story.

Marion Woodman, author of The Owl Was a Baker's Daughter: Obesity, Anorexia Nervosa, and the Repressed Feminine, has written:


“The images we take in are the nutrients of our subtle body.”

(This is my pineapple welcome offering as you come ashore to your well + weird wild self…)

For me, a place where Holly's and my work converge is in getting curious about the images and ideas feeding the stories of our body-souls. Wellness awareness recognizes psyche and flesh are intertwined, and the split of these two aspects of life invites imbalance, depression, addiction, illness, and objectification of our embodied experience (just to brush the surface of effects of this dissociated thinking on the human level). Whether the images "nurturing" us are some guise of This is Healthy Done Right, This is Normal Sex, Menstruation Means This and Not That, or (Enter Yours), the invitation here is get curious about what the experience of your image-story is like and who or what it is serving.

In the podcast, I share tools and methods for conjuring curiosity around sexuality, menstruation, and embodiment. You'll hear a little about my personal journey into the world of embodyperiod. through the triadic threshold of Tantra, ecopsychology, and the idea of queering menstruation (and how these things weave the container for all that I do). And much more.

So, as autumn sinks into our bones and the holidays lure us into the New Year, give you and your embodied imagination some soul food. Listen in and get Well + Weird with Holly and I.


Listen here.

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