Queen of Lube Amanda Henry on Finding Her Erotic Center

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Full of surrender and release, today’s lunation vibes with an ending of inhibitors to your embodied knowing.

If intention means to stretch out one’s attention, and eros is to be of and connected with love, then, my Full Moon erotic intention is to spread a loosening and moistening of dried out and shutdown narrative pathways of embodied female sexuality. I call for full moon visibility of empowered storytelling, images – archetypes, mythic tales – of a mind-body-spirit-heart-soul sexuality grounded in a woman’s authentic pleasure; her/your Erotic Center.

On this Full Moon,

I offer you the story of Amanda Henry, a local goddess here in the Hudson Valley and creator of Pzoa Organics, who’s tale liberates the female erotic soul to imagine and experience the possible – like sending out creative intent through orgasm. And then having that orgasmic creative energy manifest Oooh, a gorgeous organic coconut oil and CBD lube, a more expansive and pleasurable experience of self and others, and a business.

As you’ll hear in our interview (below), Amanda came to a narrative turn in her life where she intuitively found herself asking, “What would Aphrodite do?”

In essence, this is a depth psychological/archetypal psychology question that makes room for unconscious parts of our psyche, or aspects of the personality with less conscious representation, to emerge, inform, and empower our lives. As I often guide my clients to explore, Amanda invited an archetype of a sex and love goddess (Aphrodite) to embody her, or, to put it another way: Amanda began to personify the mindset and behaviors of a consciousness model that promotes love, openness, pleasure, and creativity.

Finding Aphrodite, Amanda says, changed the way I felt about myself and my body… I love my body for the first time in my life.” This in it of itself is magic; AND, as Amanda’s story emphasizes, the ripple effect of embodying Aphrodite is wide and inclusive of all aspects of life. Listening, I was reminded of a colleague’s words on what happens when the edges of consciousness are lubricated and can receive the pleasures of an Aphroditic mindset, or, as Amanda puts it, occupying Erotic Center:

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“For many women, the realization that she is not merely a “receptacle” or “responder,” but the very source of her sexuality, is a monumental shift…

She begins to discover the creative power in her archetypal depths and feels this dynamism undergirding her life. Now we have a woman who is in conversation with her instinctual nature. She has discovered that the erotic lives in her and this creative energy will infuse the way she lives, loves, and works. This is the telltale indication of the woman who has found Aphrodite.”

–Chelsea Wakefield, In Search of Aphrodite: Women, Archetypes and Sex Therapy

Hear more for yourself.

Listen below to Amanda’s rich and inspiring story of what’s possible when you “drop down into the place of your sensual being.” Her/your empowered erotic center.

(Love to my brother for the use of his track “Just” on this recording)

You might hear me saying “that’s beautiful” a lot in this interview – and, well – it IS.

Let’s together re-imagine Aphroditic beauty to include open confidence, power of orgasmic creative energy, relief from pain, gratitude, and whole-hearted psychospiritual alignment. . . .

Amanda Henry

creatrix of Oooh, for people with skin

. . . That’s some Full Moon sex magic right there

To amplify Aphrodite energy in your own experience:

  • Visit Amanda’s Pzoa Organics website here to bring Oooh into your own erotic intentions with your self and/or others.

I’ve been using Oooh solo every day for two months in an erotic ritual breast massage as a way of bringing new awareness to the Inner Nurturer of my sexual essence. This practice has “lubricated” YEARS of stuck shadow sexual soul stuff to open and release from my breasts. Oooh has also been helping me melt at the end of the day, and, as I’ve been hearing from women who experienced Amanda’s story and Oooh at March’s Bodystorm Women Council, Oooh supports an embodied shift into connection with their own erotic centers. Find your Oooh here.

  • Be guided towards your own Erotic Center and Erotic Intention with this hypnotherapy download I’ve created for you.

  • YES, you can use both these tools at once! ;)

  • Visit the Goddess – this Spring & Summer, Amanda will be at the Basilica Farm & Flea, May 10th & 12, Mountain Jam June 13th-16th, and Woodstock 50 August 15th-18th.


To your full Aphroditic expression!