"Come Back to Your Native Psychic Land – Menstrual-Sexual Empowered Embodiment From the Depths Up & Out " on The Embody Podcast with Roxanne Partridge

Jan 31, 2021

Who shows up on your menstrual cycle?

A guiding question during my conversation with soulworker and artist Candice Wu, host of The Embody Podcast. Read through Candice’s lovely write-up of our talk and listen to our podcast episode below. Be sure to check out the companion guided meditation I created for this podcast Rewilding Your Sexual Ecology on the free resource page.


From Candice Wu:

Roxanne talks about paying attention to the parts of self that come up as a window to our depths, the marginalized parts of self, and our under-worldly soul.

Roxanne Partridge, of embodyperiod., brings Menstruality – Sexuality Embodiment “From the Depths Up & Out”. She invokes the goddess and wild self in women through luscious words, provocative and artistic expression, imagery, and the depths and darkness.

Roxanne supports women in connecting back to the source of themselves and awakening their vital and essential selves, sexuality, highlighting the magic of all stages of a woman’s menstrual cycle, and sharing their stories as they are.

Roxanne soulfully shares about:

  • Inner Social Justice: befriending the marginalized parts of self that don’t have representation in day to day life

  • What happens as marginalized parts of ourselves meet the waking life versions of ourselves?

  • The painful story that created the Menstrual Backdrop to her life and mission

  • Space and creating space, making space, living in space, taking up space… space poetry

  • Deconstructing the pathologization and silencing of women’s cyclicity and the reduction of the moon cycle to “hormones” and reclaiming the beautiful and magical context of women’s lives (see It's Not Just Your Period – How Our Lives and the Lives of Others Play a Role in Our Menstrual Experience)

  • Death and Rebirth: the potential of every cycle

  • The sensuality of bleeding

  • Who shows up when you are bleeding or at different parts of your cycle?

  • How do you carry the gift of renewal and imagine it forward into your life?

  • How Soul is revealing Itself to you through your embodied experience

Dr. Roxanne Partridge, CHt is known for inspiring and guiding others into embodying their unique, sustainable, fullness. Women, menstruators, and individuals seeking a safe, healing, and inclusive space to explore menstruality, sexuality, and embodied identity, are empowered through Roxanne’s in-depth and creative approach. In her private practice and workshops, as well as in her writing and speaking engagements, she is an advocate for equal rights to imagination for images of female embodied experience. As a healer-scholar-activist, Roxanne has lectured and facilitated workshops at conferences for the Society of Menstrual Cycle Research, Seeing Red, Jungian Society of Scholarly Studies, International Association for Jungian Psychology, and the International Association for Analytical Psychology.

Roxanne received her Ph.D. in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, California. Informed by feminist Post-Jungian, liberational, archetypal, and eco-psychological theory and practices, Depth Psychology is inherently holistic. Depth Psychology attends to the nuances of experience in the context of daily life, cultural and familial backgrounds, and manifestations of the unconscious, such as dreams. Importantly, this paradigm sees troublesome emotional and behavioral symptoms, suffering, and questions of identity as invitations into a deeper and wider understanding of personal purpose, potential, healing, transformation, and embodied autonomy. Roxanne received her Clinical Hypnotherapy certification from the Santa Barbara Institute of Hypnotherapy and trained with revolutionary sex therapist Gina Ogden in her medicine wheel method of relational sexuality. Roxanne’s background in holistic therapies and the arts forms a creative container for deep and catalytic work.

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100: Roxanne Partridge: Come Back to Your Native Psychic Land - Menstrual-Sexual Empowered Embodiment From the Depths Up & Out
The Embody Podcast with Candice Wu

After the episode, treat yourself to the guided meditation of Rewilding Your Sexual Ecology. Reconnect with the rivers of your vital energy, your native ecology and inner sexual landscape. Claim and feel your joy, pleasure, arousal, and desire. Access on the free resource page.


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