What Horse Breath On My Vulva Did for My Healing Practice

Jan 31, 2021

We’d never actually met, you know, in horse-person. I’d heard a lot about him from my friend and colleague Ashley. She’s his caretaker; he’s her psychopomp, her soul guide through the wilds and pastures of life. His name is Saltos and came to me in a dream. It was during a time when Ashley and I were working closely together at an intersection of our passions and vocations. We brought together my healing practice and research of empowered embodiment through menstrual and sexual awareness, and her healing practice and research of the horse-human relationship(check out Ash's equine therapy work here). As we are both depth psychologists of Post-Jungian and Archetypal persuasions, dreamwork and the subtle body – where psyche/soul and soma/body interweave in an acausal dance – are standard starting places of discovery. What we found in our coming together was a deepening into intuition, body, and ritual. What we found was a kind of inner horse power, rooted in our sexual bodies.

When Saltos visits in the dreamtime, I am standing in a pasture. The grass molted by sun filtering through nearby trees. This light and shadow rustles across Saltos’ body as he approaches. I’m apprehensive, remembering the time I was thrown off the back of a galloping horse. I steady myself and then lower to the ground into a cross-legged sitting pose. Saltos is before me, standing close. He then lowers himself across from me. He and I are on the same level. Belly on the ground, Saltos rests the weight of his mighty head in my lap. His nose and mouth are full of warmth and breath that exhales to my vulva. The sensation of Saltos’ breathing and life energy permeates the deep ecology of my pelvis and spreads throughout my entire being. As Saltos and I sit here, connected nose to vulva, I feel as if we are breathing together. He from his great black horse nose, and me from the seat of my sex.

I woke from this dream of Saltos altered. It was as if body and soul were reconfigured and newly aligned to the compass of the Self. I woke from this dream of horse breathing with vulva deepened not only into the sexual embodiment of my being, but also into my role in service to the embodied healing of others. For after all, our relationship to our life force interweaves and nourishes the work that we do in the world.

The belief the deep connection between embodiment and healing guides my calling. Ritual that returns us to that which is sacred and full of purpose: the law of our unique being.

Just last month, Ashley, Saltos, the rest of their herd, and I have come together in collective guidance through a 2 day deepening into Intuition, Body, and Ritual. Held out on 300 acres of pasture just outside of St. Augustine, Florida, this workshop was sacred container for all walks of women to deepen into souls’ calling. We closed around a wisdom fire with our inner flames ablaze – you might say. Find out about future workshops by signing up for my monthly newsletter of reflection + resource. For a more frequent connection to in depth menstrual-sexual musings, follow me on Instagram.  


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