This is your time.

 Embody You exclusives are everything embodyperiod. has to offer, attuned to the specific needs of your journey. This is space for you to unwind the story threads of where you are, and re-embody yourself, mind, body, heart, and soul.

Conflicts involving your menstrual, sexual, and/or embodied identity will find expansive value here.

Issues often left out of therapeutic settings, reduced to "just your hormones" and treated with medication, or reduced to "just a phase," are approached here as meaningful and important doorways into your path of self-discovery, healing, transformation, integration, and empowerment.

Premenstrual change (aka PMS or PMDD), trauma or depression relating to reproductive experiences (such as a miscarriage, abortion, or birth), sexuality, desire, sexual trauma, sexual orientation, gender identity, body image, and how you relate to cultural and/or familial ideas/pressures of womanhood and femininity, are all unique and powerful problems not to be "fixed," but rather: acknowledged, witnessed, respected, honored, explored, learned from, healed, and integrated as a vital strength to support your life and what you love.

You will be guided through creative, imaginal, and movement based methods to connect to and invite that which is within you in need of expression, healing, and integration. Through the course of this work, you will notice shifts, subtle and great, in how you experience your embodied self in your daily life. You will create and establish your own unique way of tending to your embodied needs from a source of confidence, rooted within.

"When I started experiencing what I thought was PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder), the only solutions or options offered by my friends and gynecologist were to either go back on hormonal birth control or, as suggested by my doctor, take an anti-depressant every day for an indefinite amount of time. Roxanne offered me a different option, an option that is not readily available in a pill form or within the Western cultural structure at large. She offered me an opportunity to explore. Instead of battling with my sometimes severe emotional and physical symptoms, she has helped me begin to find linkages between symptom and soul, creating a deeply meaningful and fulfilling bleeding experience. Roxanne has guided me into a deeper understanding of how my menstrual cycle can be a time of empowerment, self-reflection, and an opportunity towards greater consciousness for my life. I’ve learned how to really listen to what my symptoms were trying to tell me instead of drowning them out. Through Roxanne’s counsel, I have begun to find peace, comfort, and inner strength during a time that I had previously experienced as chaos and pain. I would suggest this type of work for those women who are looking for another way. It is intense and sometimes difficult work to do, but ultimately the most rewarding choice I have ever made on behalf of my body and my womanhood. "

– Embody You Client

Notes from Embody You Clients

“I feel lucky to be doing this work. Every week, I feel better, like I have something to take home and bring into my life. This time feels purposeful and real - I know I am being and becoming my true self.” 


“Roxanne is magical. This is unlike any therapy I’ve done before – I can’t believe I found someone like this to heal with.”

“It’s as if we’re collaborators, creating a new reality for myself in which I’m no longer afraid to show up.”


Discover what it feels like to be deeply empowered through integrating your menstrual-sexual awareness into the full complex beauty of who you are ­– and where you're going as you step forth, embodied – period.

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