Meet Dr. Roxanne Partridge


Dr. Roxanne Partridge, CHt is known for inspiring and guiding others into embodying their unique, sustainable, fullness.

Womxn seeking a safe, healing, and inclusive space to explore menstruality, sexuality, and embodied identity, are empowered through Roxanne’s in-depth and creative approach.



is a verb, an action, an ongoing living practice of radical attention between body and soul.



Sexuality and menstruality are housed in our source of life energy that nourishes body, mind, spirit, and soul. To embody sexuality and menstruality is break through generations of inherited taboo and flow into your unique legacy of this lifetime. That's right, menstrual and sexual experience are rich thresholds for insight into your unique relationship to societal and cultural expectations of femininity, womanliness, and personhood.

At the root you embody—period—and from here your wildly authentic self rises and outs itself to the world.

I’m here to guide you through the journey.

Heart, Soul, Vision, & Body of this work ...

For the past 13 years I've been dedicated to the deepening and expanding of embodied experiences of the self, through thresholds of sexuality and menstruality.

In my practice, as well as in my writing and speaking engagements, I'm an advocate for equal rights to imagination for images of female embodied experience. As a healer-scholar-activist, I've lectured and facilitated workshops at conferences for the Society of Menstrual Cycle Research, Seeing Red, Jungian Society of Scholarly Studies, International Association for Jungian Psychology, and the International Association for Analytical Psychology.

I received my MA and PhD in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, California.

Informed by feminist Post-Jungian, liberational, archetypal, and eco-psychological theory and practices, Depth Psychology is inherently holistic. Depth Psychology attends to the nuances of experience in the context of daily life, cultural and familial backgrounds, and manifestations of the unconscious, such as dreams. Importantly, this paradigm sees troublesome emotional and behavioral symptoms, suffering, and questions of identity as invitations into a deeper and wider understanding of personal purpose, potential, healing, and transformation.

I received my Clinical Hypnotherapy certification from the Santa Barbara Institute of Hypnotherapy, and trained with revolutionary sex therapist Gina Ogden in her medicine wheel method of relational sexuality.

I've had the honor of learning with James Hillman, Marion Woodman, Susan Rowland, Chris Bobel, Robert Bosnak, Sandra Ingerman, Ed Casey, Mary Watkins, Stephen Aizenstat, Regina Thomashauer, Dawn Cartwright, and many more in the fields of depth psychology, and intersections of the body, terra, sexuality, liberation, and spirit.  

My background in holistic therapies and the arts forms a creative container for deep and catalytic work.

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Join me in one of my immersive courses, tend to your bodysoul right now with any one of the hypno-shamanic downloads in the trove of free resources, explore menstrual-sexual ideas from a mind-body-heart-spirit perspective over on the blog, commit to embodying your empowered wild self in one-on-one work with me, or travel through the free mini-course below. Now's the time.


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