The Journey • A hypnotherapy course guide to sourcing your joy and empowering your life


The Journey • A hypnotherapy course guide to sourcing your joy and empowering your life


I’ve created this home study course in a moment of my life surrounded by so much concrete evidence that all soul searching, underworld descents, shapeshifting, trespasses into the wild, leaps of faith, seemingly endless incubations, and tenacious courage have been – isworth it. I created this course first with my clients and women on my mailing list in mind, out of gratitude for being invited on their journeys, and love for where they each are going. I offer this now to you, for you have found your way here and I trust what’s leading you right now.

This course is a way of rebalancing the scales of inner and outer life and finding authentic direction, rooted in you soul’s excitement through this 4-part hypnotherapy course. You’ll receive 4 hypnotherapy downloads and a course sourcebook to guide you through this in-depth process with your creative unconscious, returning out into the world with aligned clarity and soulful action.

Watch the intro video with me (Dr. Roxanne Partridge) below for more.

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Wow! So CLARIFYING! I was surprised how easy it was to move through my usual blocks through this course.
— Woman on The Journey


“Bliss and joy

come from moments when what we do is consistent with our archetypal depths.”

– Jean Shinoda Bolen

Follow me through each phase of the way to your deep creative source. Doing this work treads the path between soul and the world.

What you’ll receive:

4 Modules with hypnotherapy downloads & corresponding sourcebook exercises for

1. Opening Your Axis of Power and Exploring Deepest Calling

2. Magnetic Hands

3. Untangling the Dragon

4. Embodying Your Gift

with integrative guidance to Knowing Your Well: Sourcing Your Joy and Empowering Your Life

I feel like this was made just for me.
— Woman on The Journey
Finding and actualizing my power is no longer a mystery to me.
— Woman on The Journey
Ah! I’ve been WAITING for Roxanne to offer a intensive online thing! So grateful to have this resource accessible to me at all times as the next part of my journey unfolds.
— Woman on The Journey