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embodyperiod. is the inclusive space held by creatrix Dr. Roxanne Partridge, a Depth Psychologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Relational Sexuality Practitioner, and Menstrual Maven, for empowered embodiment from the depths up & out. Throughout the life span, however you identify, if you menstruate, or call yourself a woman, the resources here can guide you into a sustainable practice of your wildly authentic, embodied self. Find your inner North from where to source your joy and empower your life through private sessions, workshops, retreats, free downloads, online courses, & the occasional musings. From here we embody—period.

you're in the right place if any of these things feel true:



"It is the wild soul who channels ideas into our imaginations...

letting our inner lives wave, flare, blaze on the outside for all to see."

-Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run With the Wolves

You’re somebody who is struggling with PMS or PMDD (or, as I call it, premenstrual change). You’ve tried medication. Hormonal birth control and/or anti-depressants and these approaches aren’t working for you. Or, maybe you’re considering this route, but feel unsure, and you’re wishing there was another way. Bottom line is you know something needs to change. The current situation isn’t sustainable. You’re unhappy and maybe feeling like there’s nowhere else to turn, and you want something positive and supportive to be possible.

You’re somebody who is grappling with gender roles, ideas of what a woman’s life should or should not look like, and how this intersects with all the dynamic and unique aspects of your life. You’re in a place in your life in which the question of “where you stand” with your embodied identity feels crucial. There’s a strong sense of necessity to connect further with who you are, and how to show up, radically empowered, and navigate the world as your authentic self.


You’re somebody who feels stuck somewhere in how you experience sex, or your own sense of your sensuality. And this has you feeling unsatisfied, self-critical, disconnected, disenchanted, and/or depressed. Try as you might to sweep this feeling under the rug, it keeps nagging at you. You haven’t been sure what to do about this. Or maybe you're out of ideas. Sex and sexuality can be difficult and awkward to talk about. You don’t want to be (or are tired of being) judged or labeled with some kind of dysfunction or name (low desire, hyper-sexuality, frigid, slut, the list goes on and on). Trying to intellectualize the situation hasn’t made you feel any better than ignoring it. You want something different, and you need to find a way to get there.

You’re somebody who has recently experienced a big life change. A transition, a shift, a move, the end and the beginning of something. Things feel new, different, and perhaps a little unfamiliar. Maybe people tell you to feel excited about this, but really, you feel ungrounded. You’d like to have a better sense of the direction you’re now in, and a way of navigating towards your future that feels true and authentic. OR, maybe a big change hasn’t just happened, but after reading the last few sentences, you thought to yourself, gee, I could really use a better sense of an inner compass right now!


You’re somebody who wants more. More of the knowledge and wisdom that was kept out of classrooms and the stories of our elders. You want to know about the menstrual cycle, about fertility, and how it all works. You want to hear and see more women and menstruators (people who menstruate but do not identify as women) empowered in their bodies, in their desires, their sexuality, and who they are–period. You want to know more about sex. Empowered, embodied sex. You want to know more, hear more, and participate in spurring the right to embody the full expression of yourself and others.


"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are."

- C. G. Jung


You’re somebody who dreams. At night, like, when you’re asleep. You have dreams that wake you up, dreams that revisit you during the day. Dreams that make impressions on you, that stay with you. Dreams you remember. You’d like a place, and some time, to give these dreams attention. You’re curious about them.

Has one, or some combination, of the above "somebodies" made something inside of you perk its head up & say "yes, that's me "?

It's time you gave that part of you what it needs.

Get clarity on how to move your embodied story towards sustainable empowerment, grounded in the full & complex beauty of who you are.


"Roxanne is not afraid of power, of being empowered. She doesn't believe the stories about women that keep them contained in convenient cultural constraints. Roxanne understands the fluidity of women that has been dammed up in Western Culture. She knows how to open the dam."

–Leslie, Stoupas, PhD

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embody is a verb, an action, an ongoing living practice of radical attention between body and soul.

Sexuality and menstruality are housed in our source of life energy that nourishes body, mind, spirit, and soul. To embody sexuality and menstruality is break through generations of inherited taboo and flow into your unique legacy of this lifetime. That's right, menstrual and sexual experience are rich thresholds for insight into your unique relationship to societal and cultural expectations of femininity, womanliness, and personhood.

At the root you embody—period—and from here your wildly authentic self rises and outs itself to the world.

I’m here to guide you through the journey.


Healer. Scholar. Activist. 

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Dr. Roxanne Partridge, CHt is known for inspiring and guiding others into embodying their unique, sustainable, fullness.

Women, menstruators, and individuals seeking a safe, healing, and inclusive space to explore menstruality, sexuality, and embodied identity, are empowered through Roxanne’s in-depth and creative approach.

The heart, soul, vision, and flesh of Roxanne’s work for the past 12 years has been dedicated towards the deepening and expanding of embodied experiences of the self, through thresholds of sexuality and menstruality. In her practice, as well as in her writing and speaking engagements, she is an advocate for equal rights to imagination for images of female embodied experience. As a healer-scholar-activist, Roxanne has lectured and facilitated workshops at conferences for the Society of Menstrual Cycle Research, Seeing Red, Jungian Society of Scholarly Studies, International Association for Jungian Psychology, and the International Association for Analytical Psychology.

Roxanne received her PhD in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, California. Informed by feminist Post-Jungian, liberational, archetypal, and eco-psychological theory and practices, Depth Psychology is inherently holistic. Depth Psychology attends to the nuances of experience in the context of daily life, cultural and familial backgrounds, and manifestations of the unconscious, such as dreams. Importantly, this paradigm sees troublesome emotional and behavioral symptoms, suffering, and questions of identity as invitations into a deeper and wider understanding of personal purpose, potential, healing, and transformation. Roxanne received her Clinical Hypnotherapy certification from the Santa Barbara Institute of Hypnotherapy, and trained with revolutionary sex therapist Gina Ogden in her medicine wheel method of relational sexuality.

Roxanne’s background in holistic therapies and the arts forms a creative container for deep and catalytic work.